Contact me

I like getting email, but I don’t receive many. This is a truly regrettable state of affairs.

To correct this problem, I’d like to put out a standing invitation1 to any readers: if there’s anything on this website that interests you, and you’d like to talk about it, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would enjoy hearing from you.

I can be reached through email at this address.

For technologists living in the past, or anyone feeling particularly adventurous, I can be unearthed on under the nick mister_m.

In addition to my invite of conversation, I’d also be grateful to acknowledge any questions about any software I’ve written, as well as any articles published on this site. I’d also be very grateful to receive corrections on any mistakes that you notice.

I may be slow to respond, but I will try my utmost.

Find me online

I’m out here jammin' with the console cowboys in cyberspace. A catalog of my more "important" online presence can be found below. Various bug trackers I am a member of have been omitted.

  1. This tradition starts with smarter people than myself ↩︎

  2. LinkedIn is a scourge, and I don’t like being on it. I really disagree with their use of dark UI patterns that are designed to trick users. Personal feelings aside, I have the link here to make it easier for folks I may know to reach out and maintain a connection of some kind if they are not comfortable with mastodon or email, etc. ↩︎