Open Source Software

Writing software is tough! Documenting and modifying software you write for yourself to be usable by others presents its own special challenges as well. I don’t spend all of my free time writing code or doing open source, but on occasion I do finish a project or script that might be useful to others.

This page contains a listing of all those scripts and projects. Everything listed on this page is actively maintained by me, and will continue to be supported by me in the foreseeable future.

Software is organized by its general area as best as possible.

If you discover any issues using anything listed here, please open an issue against the respective repository.

Ansible Roles

Collection of various Ansible roles I use to manage things in my universe. The VPS running this website was provisioned using the ubuntu_base and the linux_apache roles included in this collection.

I keep my playbooks & inventory file in a separate repository. To use my roles as part of a playbook, I symlink my roles into my playbook repository to make the roles available to my plays. It’s not sophisticated, but it works pretty well. 😎

More detailed instructions can be found in the git repository’s README file.


Automation Scripts

Collection of scripts that make my day to day computer life a bit easier. They run the gamut from backup scripting, to device management.


Resume Makefile

A Makefile and associated scripts that I use to process an HTML resume/mustache template into a final product. Also does spell-checking! This is a pretty specialized workflow given that the source format is HTML, but it was pretty fun to make. The dependency graph is quite small, so the Makefile is pretty simple.